Where Did The Time Go?

Where did the time go? It’s May!! And boy has it been a blessed and busy Spring!

My family and I have had so many moments and milestones these past few months and more ahead of us in May as the school year winds down and we find ourselves packing pool and beach bags and dawning flip flops again!

For one, my oldest daughter earned her license and is a driver with her own car! I cannot express the anxiety and excitement of putting she and my two younger children in her car for the first time to head to school. They all teased me….”Mom are you going to cry?” I snapped a few photos and yes, I did cry as they pulled out of the driveway. One day they’ll understand.

No tears were shed, though, when my dear running partners and I finished our March and April 5K’s. I participated in the Reedy River Run on March 7th and finished 5th in my age category! And, I was shocked to read that I was the 2nd place Masters Female finisher in the GHS Earth Day Run at the Swamp Rabbit Trail on April 25. Doing that in the pouring rain was an accomplishment alone!

And my kids and I were proud to walk in the American Heart Association Heart Walk in honor and memory of our company’s treasured founder, C. Dan Joyner on April 11. What a great family day!

Speaking of family, our crew spent Spring Break in Charleston with my family. We were able to get a day and a half on the beaches of Isle Of Palms as well as go down memory lane with my children and family to places from our childhood like Pitt Street Pharmacy in Old Mt. Pleasant. Those milk shakes haven’t changed! No doubt, Easter was not easy on my family. That was truly my mother’s favorite holiday. Not having her there to lead the easter egg hunts or sing her favorite hymns was heart breaking. But we powered through and rejoiced! He is Risen Indeed!!

These past few months have brought a roller coaster of health related news for my family and C. Dan Joyner family. My Aunt Joan Erwin was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Her treatments are underway and she is responding well. The Race goes on and I will continue to fight to FIND THE CURE. And, my dear friend and broker, Fritzi Barbour was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her surgery went beautifully and her regime of treatments is full steam ahead. Both of these women possess great faith, a positive attitude and a boundless supply of friends and family who love them. I know their journeys will be met with obstacles but I am confident they will OVERCOME! Pink and Teal are my colors of choice these days!

Amid all of the family moments and milestones, my business is on fire. The marketplace is invigorating! And, a lot my passion comes from having attended my first ever National Sales Convention, this year under the new Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner banner. What an inspiring and fun week surrounded by amazing agents from around the country! Paige Haney and I among others from our Company were recognized at the Awards Luncheon. What a feeling!

And, I could not reach such heights or revel in such moments without my amazing husband, Tony. He and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on May 4th. Who knew that boy I saw on the basketball court some 22 years ago would become my rock and my best friend. I love you Tony!