Sometimes things just Fall into place…

Morrell FamilyHere we are. Summer is over. School is back in session. My children are changing like the leaves. Ashley: a Junior with college on the brain. Hannah : a 7th grader with new freedoms. And, Ty boy: my sweet 3rd grader. The smell of football and fresh beginnings are in the air.

And, I take comfort in realizing that sometimes things just Fall into place.

The one event over the last few months that sums up this sentiment best is my trip to the “Heart of Texas” with my younger brother and sister. Our primary objective was to visit our mother’s grave in honor of her one year passing on July 26th.

What we did not realize is that we would be afforded the chance to retrace some of her childhood, visiting the churches where our grandfather pastored….homes where she and her sisters were born, had picnics and ate ice for recreation…..not to mention a rare 45 minutes with our 2nd cousin in the nursing home, who told stories of her childhood and our family that we had NEVER heard! We were literally in a rental car together for 14 hours!! We will never forget our weekend together, which also included shopping, loads of Tex-Mex, margaritas, a JFK Tour, a “ride” on a steer and boundless laughter!! She would have been so proud.


Speaking of proud, my oldest, Ashley, is among the starting 6 on her Varsity Volleyball Team at Southside Christian, playing libero. Hannah is playing her inaugural year on the Middle School Team. And Ty has found his love over the summer: tennis!

FullSizeRender2Our family enjoyed our annual beach week at Isle Of Palms. We swam hard, ate too much and laughed a lot with our friends and family who joined us daily for pool, beach and dinners!

IMG_6742My summer was also filled with new 5K adventures. In May I ran my first, only and LAST “Color Glow” run. I realized that I do not enjoy running at night nor being blasted with paint! June brought a very hot run on the pavements of Bosch Rexroth in Fountain Inn, all in the name of cancer research!

On July 4th, I ran my FIRST and hopefully one of many trail runs to come at a nature reserve in Mt. Pleasant, SC. My brother met me at the finish line! After 4 miles running through the mud and dodging roots, I was beat but felt very accomplished.

imagejpeg_0And this month, I ran my first virtual race through the Run For God Program. It was different but getting that cute T-shirt and medal a week afterwards made me smile! I have two more races (September 26 and October 17) to go to fulfill my one-year goal of racing one 5K per month!

Fulfilling is a word I would describe my real estate business in 2015. I have had so many opportunities to work with buyers and sellers to fulfill THEIR dream of home ownership. Some transactions have been harder than others and those are the ones you learn from and reflect upon. I get chills when I am able to open the door for a buyer and know it in my heart when I say…”Welcome Home!”

A home should represent and provide peace, safety and love. I feel honored to help so many families find their special place in the world. Sometimes things just fall into place….if you let them.